Making Changes to National Drug Policy to Reduce the Level of Substance Abuse

America Can’t Be Great Again Until It is Safe Again

In a world where substance abuse continues to plague our society, it is imperative to reassess and propose changes to our national drug policy. By taking a proactive approach, we have the power to reduce the level of substance abuse and create a safer, healthier future for all. Let us come together and advocate for evidence-based strategies, increased access to quality treatment and rehabilitation programs, and a comprehensive focus on education and prevention. Together, we can pave the way for a brighter tomorrow, free from the grips of substance abuse.

We are working to change policy in our country to focus on prevention of drug related problems, rather than just treating them. Will you join us in the fight?

Roger Morgan

Roger is Founder and Director of the Take Back America Campaign

He is also the Chairman and prior Executive Director of the Coalition for A Drug-Free California. He is author of two books published on digital sites Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook, called MARIJUANA: Brain Damage. Birth Defects. Addiction and SOROS. The Drug Lord. Pricking the Bubble of American Supremacy. Read our report or click for additional resources.

Roger is also CEO of Steelheart International LLC, a company engaged in international business development, and has been an independent businessman in California for 30 years.  Formerly, he was VP of Volvo of America and CEO of Volvo Penta of America from 1973-1979; and engaged in sales, marketing and dealer administration with Caterpillar Tractor Company and Caterpillar Overseas from 1964-1973.  He is a graduate of Washburn High School in Minneapolis (1956), holds a BA of Business from Colorado College (1963) and BA of Foreign Trade from The Thunderbird Graduate School of Global Management (1964).  He was Founding Chairman of the Coronado SAFE Foundation (1997), a non-profit dealing with drug prevention; prior Board Member of the San Diego Prevention Coalition; member of the National Coalition for Student Drug Testing, and Special Advisor to the Golden Rule Society in Coronado.  His passion for drug prevention stems from two step-children who became drug addicted at age 12 and 14 roughly 30 years ago, and two nephews who died from drug related causes.  He is a Rotarian; a veteran; charter member of the Coronado Community Church; has two adult children, three grandchildren; and currently lives in Lincoln, Ca.

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