Team 21

TEAM 21 is Take Back America’s student leadership program. It is voluntary for middle and high school student leaders who have the courage and wisdom to reject the use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs, and encourage others to do the same. By enrolling in the program they will agree to be randomly drug tested with hair analysis (or other means if necessary). They will be given an Identification card, similar to the one pictured here, which will entitle them to discounts from a growing list of retail establishments.

Being a member of Team 21 gives these students a reason to say no to peer pressure, the biggest reason kids do drugs. It also provides parents an extra layer of comfort knowing their child is drug free and not afraid to prove it.

Team 21 kids will be offered continual factual information on drugs and their impacts on adolescent bodies and brains, essentially becoming youth experts. In turn, they will be asked to speak to others, particularly younger elementary school kids about these harms, and explain why it is important that they don’t smoke tobacco, abuse alcohol or use drugs. Based on actual experience, as these younger kids get older they will aspire to be a Team 21 member, so the momentum will grow. .

Substance abuse impacts literally all aspects of public service, inflicting an annual cost on the nation of roughly $1.5 trillion. Substance abuse is the nation’s biggest problem. Reducing substance abuse is our best opportunity to balance the national budget, reverse the decline in education that has us 24th (last) in the industrialized world academically, and retain America’s standing of leadership in the world. Protecting the young people is the key to achieving that.

If you are interested in joining Team 21, please send an email to and someone from our staff will be happy to discuss it with you.

Roger Morgan

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