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Legalizing Marijuana Is Wrong
Battle for the Brain Postcard
Battle for the Brain Postcard – Spanish



MARIJUANA: Brain Damage. Birth Defects. Addiction.

Marijuana cause brain damage, birth defects and addiction. Baby Boomers who remember the 70’s when pot had a THC (potency) content of 1/2%, need to observe that today its 20 to 60 times stronger. We are talking grain alcohol compared to near beer. And the impacts to the body and brain are much more severe.

With all of the propaganda from drug legalizers like Drug Lord George Soros, America is largely confused about pot. Is it medicine? Are we depriving the chronically ill of the only narcotic that can give them relief? In reality, its not about compassion. Its about money and power, and the fact that people like the intoxicating effects with no knowledge or concern about the inherent damage they inflict on themselves and others.

Its true! Nobody dies of marijuana overdose. But almost all of the 3,200 Americans who die monthly from drug overdose started their journey with pot.

Soros, the Drug Lord
Pricking the Bubble of American Supremacy

George Soros, the Drug Lord, is America’s No. 1 enemy. By using the billions that flow from him and through him to proliferate the use of narcotics like “medical” marijuana, he reins more death, destruction, pain, suffering and economic cost on our society than all other forms of terror combined.

By his own admission on 60 minutes, “…. he is only in it for the money. He is not and cannot be concerned about the social consequences of his actions.” If you understand his influence on our government and society, that should give you cause for concern.

Jim O’Neill of the Canada Free Press said it best. “If he isn’t the world’s preeminent malignant messianic narcissist, he’ll do until the real one comes along.” He quotes Rev Jess Lee Paterson in saying Soros is “anti-God, anti-family, anti-America, and anti-good.”

Eternal Battle Against Evil | $19.95
Dr. Paul Chabot

Civilized societies from every order are under siege from the most vicious and brutal organizations of our lifetime. Drug cartels are thriving, terrorist and pirate networks are expanding, sophisticated prison gangs manage legions of violent street gangs and ruthless organized crime syndicates breed new underworlds of horror. Like a plague, organized evil is spreading out of control; chaos is everywhere – the time to fight back is running out. Good and dark forces have locked horns; the future of the free-world as we know it is in jeopardy. This book takes you to the battlefield where you will learn firsthand the tactics and resilience of evil, and most importantly, how we can fight back and turn the tide for all humanity.

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