Must have.  There are only two reasons why a politician would support legalizing marijuana for any reason are:  one, ignorance of the facts; or two, their philosophies have been shaped by money. Since Presidents, including the current one, are endowed with the best science in the world, one can assume the latter is true with regard to both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

The money flows from the most evil bastard in America, George Soros.  In reality, the nation has been hijacked by Soros. They just don’t know it.

When Bill Clinton was elected President, his first act was to reduce the Office of National Drug Control by 75%.  When the situation got so bad as a result, he brought in General Barry McCaffrey to plug the hole in the damn.  That was a good move, even if it pained him to do so.

In 2003, according to the book The Shadow Party by David Horowitz and Richard Poe, Soros contributed so much money through his organization called the Open Society that the Executive Director, Eli Parizer proclaimed, “…We bought the Democratic Party, we own it?  Tragically, it seems to be true.

Now, I was married to a Democratic for 18 years, and have lived with another for 11 years.  I really don’t care which party you belong to.  While I am historically very conservative, I have recently joined the “No Party Preference” category, because I am not pleased with either major party.  In reality, we have all survived both parties, to this point, so probably the truth in ideologies probably lies somewhere in the middle.  But when it comes to legalization of marijuana, no politician can be forgiven for inflicting the curse of “medical” or recreational use of marijuana on our people.  Bill Clinton’s statement that Colorado is a valid experiment is frankly treasonous.

If you don’t know about marijuana, know this.  One, it’s not medicine.  There are components of the plant that appear to have medicinal value, like CBD.  But the whole, crude high potency plants of today are poison.

Three decades ago, or more, Dr. Carlton Turner, then advisor to President Ronald Reagan or marijuana and drugs, stated there was no medicine that had potency as high as 2%.  Today’s “medical” marijuana has potency in a normal range in smoke form of 20 to 27%, and as high as 37%.  In wax form as BTO (butane hemp oil) as much as 90%.  That is not medicine.  It is brain damaging, psychoactive, supercharged drug abuse that has caused extreme psychotic effects leading to multiple deaths.  A 19 year old who ate a marijuana cookie in Colorado leapt to his death off a 4th story hotel balcony; and
a husband who ate marijuana candy got a gun out of his safe and shot and killed his wife, because he thought the world was coming to an end.

The tragic part is that the human brain isn’t fully developed until age 25, and before than marijuana can disrupt development of the brain and cause permanent damage, particularly under 21, causing a loss of IQ by as much as 8 points by age 38.  It also has been proven to cause brain damage and death to babies in the womb.

It wouldn’t be so bad except the age group with the highest consumption is 18-25, followed by age 12-17, when their brains are most vulnerable.  In fact marijuana use peaks at age 19-20.  Now, in Colorado, which former President Bill Clinton thinks is a worthwhile experiment, 61% of high school seniors are smoking pot, maligning their brains, and setting up their offspring for brain damage because of the mutations to sperm and chromosomal abnormalities caused by marijuana.  All that because our current President Obama and Attorney General Holder have chosen to ignore their oath of office and enforce federal law.  Why?

It’s not ignorance, albeit the existing President could benefit from the 8 points her potentially lost by being a heavy pot user as an adolescent.  The reality is, it’s all about money, and allegiance to George Soros who had a major role in putting him in office.

Now Soros is a multi-billionaire, so one wonders what he has to gain by inflicting destruction on mass numbers of young Americans.  In simple terms, his messianic drive is to create a New World Order.  In his own words, the biggest obstacle to doing that is the United States of America.  So how do you weaken the United States?

First, put people in office that will serve his mission (i.e. The Shadow Party) and march to his drumbeat (i.e. Obama).  The first order of priority was to downgrade the Drug Czar position from cabinet level to reporting to the Vice President.  Secondly, ignore the oath of office and don’t enforce the federal CSA (Controlled Substances Act), allowing marijuana use increase from roughly 14.75 million to 18.9 million people, at last count.  Then do the unimaginable, and allow two states to legalize marijuana for recreational use, knowing it leads to more addiction than all other drugs combined, is a gateway to drugs that kill 105 Americans daily just by drug overdose, and causes myriad psychotic episodes that have led to mass shootings.

Marijuana dumbs down a significant portion of Americans and their offspring, reducing our academic standards and productivity.  We have already declined to 24th in the world academically with a one-third dropout rate in a global economy where we losing our competitive edge.  And now, with the incursion of drug cartels into the US., gang members have grown from 850,000 to 1.4 million, mostly focused on our youth, as young as 11 years old …. and not just in the inner cities.  Since there is no real prevention program to safeguard our youth, all are at high risk.

Next, to weaken the country, force early retirement on 22 top echelon leaders of our military, and use the power of the IRS to hassle and undermine conservative groups.  Impose Obamacare to the detriment of the health care system, and the economy. Obliterate foreign policy to the extent America has become almost a laughing stock to the international communities, and a rogue nation to our International allies in the “War on Drugs”.

So now, we have current President Obama saying he doesn’t think marijuana is any worse than alcohol, which is not true and basically irrelevant, but we have former President Bill Clinton stating that he thinks that legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington are a worthwhile experiments, while his wife Hillary Clinton prepares for a run at becoming President of the United States.

I want to reiterate, I don’t care which party you belong to.  I am begging you, however, to understand that Clintons are puppets of Soros, and one more administration with Soros drug policies and this country will likely never recover.  As evidence of their tight relationship, Chelsea Clinton was married at Soros’s daughter’s residence in upstate New York.  Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and in California, Lt Governor Gavin Newsome, are all pawns for the Drug Lord George Soros.  You cannot vote for, or support any, without inflicting death, destruction and economic harm on the America we love.