By Roger Morgan, Founder Take Back America Campaign

The facts about marijuana affirm why it is rightly classified as a Schedule I drug (i.e. no accepted medical use, potential for harm and abuse, lack of safety for use under medical supervision) and why it should never be legalized for any purpose.

While isolated components of the plant do have therapeutic and potentially medicinal value, the whole, crude plant, particularly in smoked form, can’t meet the criteria because the compounds, dosage and potency are not uniform and consistent.  Marijuana has 483 chemicals that turn into 2,000 when smoked, and 61 cannabinoids, all of which are bioactive and some psychoactive, like THC.   CBD is one that has therapeutic value.  Most growers in the US bio-engineer the plant to be high in THC and low or void of CBD, because the goal is to get stoned, not medicate.

The harms are significant, albeit largely unknown.  Unlike alcohol which is water soluble and excreted from the body in hours, half the THC remains in the body and brain for one month, compounding with each additional joint.  Prior to age 25 when the brain is fully developed, and particularly during adolescence, marijuana can cause PERMANENT brain damage and up to an 8 point loss of IQ by age 38.  It causes mental illness including schizophrenia and paranoia, suicidal depression, birth defects, testicular cancer, cancer of the respiratory system, impaired cognition and numerous other problems.

Marijuana doesn’t kill by overdose, but overdose isn’t the only cause of death. Almost all of the 100 Americans who die daily from overdose started their drug journey with marijuana.  Marijuana induced psychosis was a factor in numerous incidents of mass murder (Tucson, Aurora, Boston bombing, Pentagon, etc). A pothead in Las Vegas killed a 4 month old baby with a mid-evil ax. Three teens high on pot killed an Australian exchange student in Oklahoma, and many, many more.   53-87% of arrestees test positive for drugs, the majority for pot alone.

17% of adolescents who smoke pot will become addicted, 9% of those who start after age 18.  More young people are in rehab for marijuana than all other drugs combined.  Addiction ruins lives, not just for the addict.

Marijuana is a major factor in why America has declined to 26th in the world academically with a 1/3rd drop out rate.  According to UC Santa Barbara, the life time cost per dropout is $392,000.  1.2 million annual dropouts costs the nation $470 billion, while the nation slides further into the abyss.

A U of Texas study (08/12) revealed that today’s high potency pot (20%) can cause fatal damage to a fetus even two weeks after conception, before the mother even knows she is pregnant.  Prior research showed that even low potency pot elevated still births from 12% normal to 44%. Babies that survived child birth often had physical deformities and brain damage, and the harm could be caused by either parent smoking pot.  Further, it was mutagenic, meaning because of mutations to sperm and chromosomal abnormalities, it could skip one generation and adversely effect the next.

Because Drug Lord George Soros controls the press and the President, marijuana use has grown 20% with this administration.  By standing on the sidelines doing nothing, the President and AG Holder are accommodating the legalizers and encouraging legalization, to the detriment of our youth, public health and safety, our economic well being and the future of our nation.  This is their greatest betrayal.