Take Back America Campaign is a 501(C)3 Non Profit Orginization operating under the FreeStyle Foundation.

Our efforts under the 21 Drug-Free Challenge

WE are a non-profit organization focused on keeping kids safe and drug free at least through high school.  Research has shown “….. if a young person can get to 21 without smoking, abusing alcohol or using drugs, they are virtually certain never to do so.” (Joseph Califano, Jr.)  That is a lofty endeavor in today’s society, but it must be our goal.

The personal pain and suffering stemming from addiction to alcohol, tobacco and drugs is enormous, for the addict, the family and all those in the circle of loved ones. Collectively, the social and economic cost threatens our very existence as a leader among nations.

America has 5% of the world’s population and yet consumes 66% of the world’s illicit drugs.  We have now slipped to 24th in the world academically, with a one-third high school drop- out rate.  At last count, over 6.1 million young people were being raised by grandparents or foster parents. Roughly 80% of crime is committed by people under the influence of drugs or alcohol; 66% of prisoners are addicts; and one-third mentally ill.  Over 3,400 Americans die monthly just from drug overdose, almost all of whom started their drug journey with tobacco, alcohol and a little puff of marijuana …… at average age 13.  They need help!

The Kids are starting with drugs — some 2 years before their parents had a clue and — THEY need help!

America has spent four decades and an expenditure of $1 trillion on the “War On Drugs,” 99% of which was absorbed trying to interdict supply and treat the wounded.