Hello, I am Roger Morgan Founder and CEO of Take Back America CAMPAIGN

Our #1 Goal Is to save Lives:

TBAC:US is our website exclusive to America for national actions.

Along this Theme We will cite National Events , Encourage Your exploration of that which is Working and Support your activities – as we learn about them.  This issue is too big to think any one group or person has all the answers.  We know OUR PREVENTION issue has a Unique Merit and want you to help spread the word, share the successes and inform us all about any Problems. We are the PARENTS, the VICTIMS, the THERAPISTS, the TRAINERS, the HELPERS. All others–using, abusing, pushing, endorsing, enabling are the ENEMY, those who would seduce our kids with the thrill of the moment which leads to Personal and National destruction.

Come on over to the GOOD SIDE, come into the Light!

WE want to save the Lives of the Kids; Their Parents; Their Classmates; Of individuals we never knew but influenced to sobriety.  It isn’t a shot or a smoke or pill behind the back fence -anymore.

It is a Billion Dollar drain on our Economy, a waste of Millions of lives, futures, families;

THIS isn’t the “bad” kids doing drugs now! National statistics tells us that 24% are regular users and with the opening of freer access to Marijuana (the gateway drug to HARD DRUGS) more kids are at risk.

Some people do drugs to relieve pain. Some do drugs to be one of the in-crowd. Some are starters, some are sellers, pushers, addicted and we don’t know our populations.

Isn’t a great we have an unobtrusive method to measure IN which column your child fits. That through preventative measurements we can eliminate them from this self inflicted pain, isolate the steady, heavy users who disturb our schools, society and lives and get them the early treatment, guidance they need before they corrupt the rest of our children.

IF we can keep them (all the Children) from  using drugs, abusing alcohol, smoking until they are 21 years old — statistics indicate they won’t take up these habits as an adult, as their Adult minds will have had a chance to properly develop.

PREVENTION is the cheapest Path to remedying  our problems and the TAKE BACK AMERICA  CAMPAIGN.US focus in the 21 Drug Free Challenge is our contribution to the solution.


Roger is also an owner/operator of a privately held company (Steelheart, Inc.) LLC which lis involved in International assistance with Pre-Fab Housing and Clean Water to Villagers from Mexico to Uganda.