Welcome! Are you ready to join us? We are on a mission to Take Back America!

The Take Back America Campaign is California non-profit (501c4), created to prevent and/or defer the onset of alcohol, tobacco and drug use.

The focus currently is on marijuana, which is destroying the brains of our youth and decimating our natural forests and resources. Most people, young and old, are not aware of the dangers of today’s highly potent pot. We believe if they are, far fewer will use it, or vote for anything or anyone who would proliferate the use by legalizing it.

In 1996, California voters were hoodwinked into approving Prop 215, “The Compassionate Use Act.” In reality, it didn’t have anything to do with compassion. It was just an end run around the federal government by those who knew they would not be able to get the job done at the federal level. It could have, and should, been stopped through federal law enforcement. Unfortunately, it was allowed to fester and grow through two administrations, and during the Obama lawless regime, grow to point where we now have 23 states with some form of “medical marijuana” and 4 states plus the nation’s capital allowed to legalize pot for recreational use. Not good!

What makes pot so dangerous is that it is fat soluble toxin, half of which stays in the body and brain for as long as a month, compounding with each additional joint. Further, in the last 19 years, he potency (THC content) has escalated from 4% to 20-30% in smoked form, and as high as 96% as extractors or oils used in edibles and vaping. CBD (cannabidiol) which appears to have therapeutic value and can help offset the psychoactive effects of THC has been largely bred out of the plant because 98% of those who buy marijuana under the guise of medicine just want to get high. The harms to the body and brain have grown with the potency.

The biggest problem is brain damage. The brain isn’t fully developed until age 25, and until it is marijuana can cause permanent structural and chemical damage. The younger the user and the more consumed, the worse the damage. That includes diminished ability to learn, loss of IQ by an average of 8 points by mid-life, mental illness including schizophrenia and paranoia, psychotic breaks leading to violent acts and suicides, addiction, birth defects, myriad health problems and a doubling of traffic accident owing to marijuana impairment. Unfortunately, the age groups with the greatest consumption are 25 and under, peaking at age 19 and 20. If we continue to allow the mass destruction of the brains of youth, they have no future, nor do we as a nation.

Aside from the harms to individuals, the lack of regulations and enforcement has left California with over 50,000 cultivation sites and an estimate 1500 dispensaries, which are nothing more than retail drug outlets. The pot plantations in Northern California are diverting water from streams, inflicting irreparable harm to the ecosystems downstream. Pesticides, fungicides, and rodenticides are killing birds and wildlife, and all that feed on the corpses. By admission of the California government, the three counties in the Emerald Triangle (Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity) illegally supply 60% of the marijuana to the entire US market, and yet there is no enforcement at the state or federal level.

Bottom line, we can’t trust government to protect our youth or our natural resources. Whether we can stop the carnage or not will depend on the grass roots support gained from our program, and others like it. We implore you to help in all ways possible. Use our materials to enlighten others. Donations are most welcome so we can sustain our efforts and grow. But in whatever way you can help, please do. The future of America is at stake.

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